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About Green Build UK

Green Build UK is a leading London-based building contractor with a reputation for high quality, built-to-last developments. Good old-fashioned workmanship is combined with modern construction techniques to create homes that have earned the appreciation they receive.

Our Process

Your architect may have recommended us to carry out the build, or you may be approaching us directly after a word-of-mouth recommendation. The process then can be outlined as follows.


If you are a direct client, we would be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements with you in as much or as little detail as you would like, and to create a design that suits your taste and your requirements.

1Pindock Office Refurbishment.jpg

Architect Meeting

If your architect has referred us for your project, we will already be familiar with the details of the build, however the first meeting will be all important to ensure everyone is aligned and any questions are thoroughly answered.

On-Site Consultations

On architect-led projects,  we usually have meetings on-site once a week.

We welcome direct clients to be as hands-off or as involved as they want to be, and some do delegate all the decisions to us (and thankfully they have all been happy with the results!).


The Finishing

The final stage involves addressing any issues in the snag list and making sure the client is fully pleased.

Being witness to the mixed emotions of excitement, relief, and joy as our clients see the final result is definitely one of the perks of this line of work.

21Aylmer Kitchen Refurbishment_edited.jpg

Our Approach

The enjoyment in taking a property that is ugly, dysfunctional, or that simply is not working for the most important people involved - the ones living there - and transforming it into a proper home of beauty and longevity, brings us great satisfaction in and of itself.

Using our engineering education and extensive experience to solve unique challenges and complete complex builds is also very gratifying.

When these two aspects are amplified at the end by the reaction of a happy client and their heartfelt gratitude, this goes a long way in answering the question of why we have continued to operate for so long in a field that so many others drop out of.


Being in this business for over 30 years has shown us that in both commercial endeavours and homeowner projects, renovating and building properties is always an emotional experience. Having a contractor on your side who has been doing this day-in day-out for over three decades helps make the experience a more enjoyable one, according to our clients.

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